Thursday, June 2, 2011

Predictions For 1884

Base ball prophets are predicting already the champions for 1884. It looks to us as if Cincinnati or the Athletics had the call in the American, Boston in the League, St. Louis in the Union Association, Richmond in the Eastern League, Altoona in the Inter-State and Dayton in the Ohio League.
-Cleveland Herald, January 8, 1884

I'm not sure what happened in the Eastern League, the Inter-State League or the Ohio League in 1884 (and don't really feel like looking it up) but Providence won the League in 1884 and New York won the AA.


Cliff Blau said...

In the Eastern League, apparently Trenton was declared the champion, although the Quickstep club had the best record.

But who are they picking in the big leagues? The same teams who won in 1883, of course.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

That's the way it usually is. It always irks me when the preseason predictions come out and they just pick everybody who won the year before. Don't they realize that never happens?