Thursday, June 9, 2011

Characteristic Of The Young Man

The base ball situation is getting hotter...[The Union Association] is on the retreat now, with the old associations aggressive and pursuing. Corcoran's break will be followed ere long by the return of G.W. Bradley, Mike Mansell and Fred Dunlap to the Athletics, Alleghenys and Clevelands. I have it on the best authority that all these men are "weakening and would return but for shame..."

There is something going on. Dunlap is ready to leave the Union Association tomorrow if he can go where he wants to, at least he says so, and Cleveland is being urged to release him on the cry of "you cannot have him and must do your duty and snatch him away from the Union Association by giving him a release and letting him sign with us." At any rate this is treachery to Cleveland, by a number of the National group and won't work. Dunlap will play here, retire from base ball or go to the Union Association and be operated on by the Day resolution. But the parties who are with Dunlap, even if they succeed in their efforts to procure his release, would themselves be victims to a trick. Once released by Cleveland he would be free, and could go where he chose, or hang out and sell his services after the season opened to the highest bidder. The latter would be characteristic of the young man.
-Cleveland Herald, January 14, 1884

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