Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dan Collins' Obit

Danny Collins' Last Home Run

Daniel J. Collins, better known as "Danny," has made a home run. The popular, good-humored and expert ball player died on Friday morning. Danny's last games were played with the Clarkes, but he was better known as the pitcher of the Lee, and one of the first to introduce curve pitching here. He was about twenty-nine years of age and has been playing ball since boyhood. He was change pitcher of the Chicagos for a year, played with the St. Louis Reds, and was at one time with the Milwaukee club. Danny was of an open handed, warm hearted disposition, and did not leave much to support his wife and three children after his death. It is suggested that a game be played for their benefit, and no doubt all of his fellow-players will volunteer to make the event attractive and successful.
-New Orleans Times-Picyune, September 21, 1883

Hat-tip to Paul Batesel, who was kind enough to pass this along to me. Much thanks to Paul.

Collins had an interesting stint with the Reds. He joined the club in late 1875, after their NA season had fallen apart, and jumped the club in August of 1876 to join Louisville, creating a bit of a scandal. In 1874, he was playing with the Empire Club and, after the Chicagos came through town and crushed all St. Louis opposition, he was signed by the White Stockings. Chicago's signing of Collins (and John Peters) was one of the factors that led to the creation of the Brown Stockings.

And this is a total coincidence but Collins' death in the fall of 1883 fits in with the period we're currently exploring. I love it when a plan comes together.

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