Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So I've been down much longer then I w-nted to be. Iching -nd re-dy to post. However, my new keybo-rd w-s del-yed. Should be here by June 7 (so Dell tells me). The good news is th-t I've le-rned to live without the sc-rlett letter -nd h-ve become the m-ster of copy/p-ste. You'd think I'd h-ve used this time to do some rese-rch -nd put together some outst-nding new posts. Nope. I've been l-zy. Mostly been pl-ying old, cl-ssic video g-mes in my much incre-sed sp-re time.

For being so p-tient with me, here's - link to some guy who figured out Charlie Brown's c-reer wins -nd loses.