Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lucas Don't Like It

The news that Tony Mullane had broken his contract with the St. Louis Union team and signed an affidavit to the effect that he would pitch for the Toledo Club, caused considerable commotion in local base ball circles to-day. Mullane some time ago had a talk with the manager of the club, that individual offering him $2,500, and $500 advance, for the season's play. This was what the St. Louis Unions paid him. He told the Toledo managers that he would accept this offer provided the St. Louis American club would release him from the reserve rule. The latter were willing to do this, and then Mullane sent back the advance money Lucas had given him, and also asked to be released from his contract. Subsequently, it is said, and good authority is given, Mullane signed the affidavit in which he took oath that he would play in Toledo next year. This is the whole and true story. When spoken to to-day concerning Mullane's action, Lucas said that he had received no authoritative notification to the effect that Mullane had signed the affidavit named. He added, "but, if he has done such a thing, has the time come for the Union Association to fight the enemy with his own weapons? If I lose Mullane I will have as good a man if I have to enter any of the associations fighting us."

The Mullane Deal Completed.

...Secretary Wikoff, of the American Association, has received notice that the St. Louis Base Ball Club has released Tony Mullane from reservation.
-Cleveland Herald, February 2, 1884

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