Monday, June 20, 2011

Mullane Repents

It developed in base ball circles to-day that Tony Mullane, who was the first to break the reserve rule by signing a contract with the Lucas Club, St. Louis, while on the reserve list of the St. Louis American Association Club, repents and will return the Lucas advance money. Mullane has been in Toledo for the past few days in company with Manager Morton, of the Toledo Club, and to-day agreed to sign a contract with the Toledo Club, if the proper release could be secured from St. Louis. As this had been previously arranged, the St. Louis Club was notified by telegraph, and an answer came back that the release would be forwarded to Secretary Wikoff, of Columbus, O., at once. The terms are the same as paid by Lucas, $2,500, with $500 advance. The advance paid him by Lucas will be returned to that person at once. Toledo is thus assured one of the best pitchers in the country. Mullane's action will be the sign for another outbreak of war between the three legitimate associations and the Unions, and is regarded here as sounding the death knell of the wreckers.
-Cleveland Herald, January 31, 1884

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