Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nothing Will Stop Me

Mr. Lucas arrived at his office shortly before noon to-day, and was besieged by a number of persons who were waiting to see him on various matters of business. When spoken to in regard to the Mullane business he said: "I have heard nothing officially and nothing beyond the rumors which have come to me. I can simply say that if there is anything in it, it will not stop me in the least, and I will have a pitcher at any cost. If Mullane had asked me for his release a month or six weeks ago I would have willingly given it to him, as I could have supplied myself then. If, however, he has jumped me, I will push the matter through. I will not receive his advance money, and I expect him to report for duty and to be here with the rest of the men as his contract calls for him. I have too much money in this venture to be turned aside now by any circumstance of that kind, and nothing will stop me. If Mullane comes on the field here with any other club I will stop him playing." Mr. Lucas did not appear much perturbed over the matter, and went to work complacently attending to other matters as though there was no such thing in the world as base ball worry.-[St. Louis Post-Dispatch.]
-Cleveland Herald, February 3, 1884

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