Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Defiant Lucas Responds

[Responding to the reports in the Cleveland Herald, Henry Lucas stated,] "I have received no notification that Mullane has deserted the club, and I do not believe he has signed a contract with the Toledo club. When he signed with me he showed more principle than others who agreed to sign and were influenced not to, and it seems impossible that he can have undergone so radical a change of character as the signing of a Toledo contract implies. However, I wish to assure you that the Lucas Club will in any event have a good nine in the field and play in the Union Association next summer. To do that we must have a good pitcher and catcher, and we are going to have them. You may say to the public that the arbitrary rules and dishonorable conduct of the League and American Association will not deter those who have invested their money in the Union Club here from carrying out their purposes. We will play ball this year, and not only this year, but the next, and will remain in the field after many of the League and American Association clubs have become things of the past. When my friends and myself invested our money in base ball we did not expect to have smooth sailing. We expected to meet obstacles, and resolved to surmount them; and you can be assured that we will go right along, whether Mullane remains with us or not."
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, February 2, 1884

Just another reminder that today is Ed Achorn's talk at the St. Louis Library on Lindbergh. Check yesterday's post for more details. I hope to post something in the next few days about how that went as well as some of the other things we're doing while Ed's in town. There might even be pictures.

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