Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 1887 World Series: More On Game Four

Detroit won the fourth game of the world's championship series, played [in Pittsburgh] to-day. Three thousand people were present. The victory was an easy one for the League champions, who nevertheless played a wonderful game, shutting St. Louis out. King pitched for the Browns and was batted very freely from the start, Detroit scoring four runs in the first inning. St. Louis made only two hits off Baldwin. Magnificent fielding cut off many hits of the Browns. In the first inning, Richardson's liner to left passed O'Neil and he made second. Gansell and Rowe went out, but Thompson hit past Robinson for a double and Richardson scored. Dunlap made a one bagger and stole second, and on Bennet's single to left White and Dunlap scored. Hanlon's out retired the side.

For the Browns Foutz struck out and Gleason died on first, and O'Neil hit safe past Dunlap. Comisky struck out.

Detroit scored again in the second on an out, a passed ball and a wild throw of Gleason; in the fifth on Dunlap's three bagger and an out, and twice in the sixth on an error of Gleason, a steal, a three bagger by Rowe, a passed ball and Thompson's single.

The Browns got only one man as far as third, Bushong in the fifth inning. The fielding of White, Dunlap and Rowe and Thompson's batting were the features of the game.
-Atchison Daily Champion, October 14, 1887

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