Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 1887 World Series: More On Game Five

The first game in the east for the world's championship between the Detroit and St. Louis clubs was played at Washington park, Brooklyn, to-day. There were 10,100 spectators. The weather was very chilly. When the teams appeared on the field they received the welcome and enthusiastic plaudits in turn, although it looked as though the people rather favored the league team. As the Brooklyn is an association club this sign could not be accounted for, except in explanation that perhaps the townsmen were not altogether pleased that the St. Louis men should have attained such a pronounced lead in the race with their fellows. The spectators were not altogether satisfied, for the game in a large majority of innings was of the mechanical order. If ever the term "it was a pitcher's battle" could be appropriately used it was in regard to to-day's game. The fielding errors are so unimportant that of the seven runs made six were earned. The one error that counted was made by Deacon white in the seventh inning.
-Galveston Daily News, October 15, 1887

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