Friday, December 17, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Audacity And Pure Cheek

"Whoap! Get up, Bill!-That's the way, Bob, let loose on them!-Whoa!-All pull together now, boys!-Now, Robbie, keep your eyes open!-Make 'em dance-that's it, whoa!-Look out for Mr. White, boys!-Whoap!-Doctor, line it out!-That's right, Bush, I'll bring you around, old man!-Take your time, Charley, only tire yourself out!-Whoa!" Thus chattered the exuberant third baseman of the Browns during the whole of yesterday's memorable contest. There is a blending of audacity and pure cheek in Latham's performance that amuses the crowd for a few innings and then makes it weary.-[Detroit Free Press.]
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 15, 1887

I think that Latham's act has now been mentioned in the coverage of all the world series that the Browns were involved in. We'll see about 1888. I also think that the coverage in all of the series was pretty much the same: the act is amusing for a short period but gets old quick. If this is an accurate portrayal of Latham's act, I think that's a fair point.

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