Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 1887 World Series: The Chump Variety

It took thirteen innings to decide the third game between the Detroits and St. Louis for the world's championship, and Detroit won it through wretched fielding on the part of the visitors. The Browns secured sixteen hits off Getzein, but for the most part they were badly scattered, the only run being scored on a play of the chump variety. Caruthers was remarkably effective, holding the Wolverines down to six actual hits and a base on balls. For the visitors, in the second, Comiskey and Caruthers hit safely, Foutz and Welch flew out, Comiskey scoring on Robinson's high fly back of second, which could have been caught by Dunlap or Rowe, but neither made the attempt. The Detroits tied the game in the eighth. After two men had been put out Ganzel reached first on Caruthers' wild throw. Rowe hit half way to Caruthers and beat the ball to first. Ganzel kept on toward third and scored on Comiskey's low throw to Latham. In the thirteenth Getzein hit for a single and went to second and third on two outs. Rowe hit to Robinson, but Comiskey muffed the throw and Getzein scored the winning run. Attendance between 7,000 and 8,000.
-Atchison Daily Champion, October 13, 1887

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