Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Anything But Pleasant

The wind-up in St. Louis was anything but pleasant for the majority of the crowd that braved the whistling zephyrs at Sportsman's Park on Tuesday. Fully 10,000 people were in the inclosure, and nearly all of them went away in a far different humor from that in which they left the grounds the day before. Conway was put in to pitch for the Leaguers, and to this fact may be attributed in a large degree the Browns defeat. They could not bat him when they wanted to, and when they had men on the bases. Foutz was in the points for the Browns, and although he was not hit hard, the visitors' hits were made just at times when they counted. Foutz's support was miserable-Latham having three, Boyle two, and Welch and Gleason one error each. Welch's error was excusable, as he was on a dead run when he dropped the ball. The two clubs left Tuesday night in a special train.
-Sporting Life, October 19, 1887

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