Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Game Three Betting

The betting in this city on the result of the game was about the heaviest thus far of the week, and the amount transferred on the result is placed at $10,000, a very low estimate. All the afternoon the pool rooms were crowded with speculators, and bets were registered about as fast as the clerks could pencil them down. There was an abundance of both Brown and Detroit money, the backers of both teams being unusually confident. The wagers in most cases, too, were large ones. Neither side felt justified in giving any odds, and neither club was made very much of a favorite at any time during the day. The fact that the Leaguers were playing on their own grounds advanced their stock slightly but scarcely any bets other than at evens were recorded. The betting on the result of the series yesterday was also quite brisk, and in these wagers the Detroits were favored, their backers being willing to give odds of $10 to $7. Among the big bets on the series yesterday were $1000 to $800, $500 to $400, $250 to $200, all in favor of the Detroits. The betting on the result of the innings was also heavy, the odds being $5 to $4 and $5 to $3 that they wouldn't score.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 13, 1887

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