Thursday, April 8, 2010

Browns! Reds! Part Two! Packy Dillon Hits A Triple Off Bradley! Reds Still Lose!

One of the most stubbornly contested ball games of the year was that played at Compton Avenue Park yesterday afternoon, between the rival home organizations-the Brown and Red Stockings. It was witnessed by about 800 spectators. The little Reds made the best batting display against Bradley that has been seen in St. Louis this year, every man making a base hit except Magner. Redmon and Dillon got in three-baggers, Croft a double, and Dolan two singles. The Reds maintained the lead until the eighth inning, when several costly errors offset their splendid batting, and enabled their older and more experienced opponents to score a victory. The professionals could do very little with Galvin's effective pitching, but their magnificent fielding more than made up for their weakness at the bat. Only two errors were charged to them-one each by Clapp and Battin. The game was marked by several splendid bits of fielding, notable among them being Billy Gleason's catch in the ninth inning; McGeary's double play when three men were on bases, and splendid stops by the in-fielders on both sides. The result would in all probability have been different had it not been for Dolan's numerous errors, that plucky and usually reliable catcher being completely used up by the hard work which he had to perform daily in facing Galvin's pitching during the recent extensive tour of the Reds.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 28, 1876

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