Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Baseball Treat

A decided base ball treat is in store for the lovers of the National game to-day. Those who are fortunate enough to witness the contest between the "Browns" and the "Reds" will undoubtedly see one of the finest expositions yet presented upon the green diamond.

The record of the "Browns" is too familiar to our readers to require any extended notice. They stand confessedly the actual champions in the race for the pennant, by having won the series of ten games from the Chicago club, who were expressly formed to humiliate St. Louis in the race for the Centennial championship.

The "Reds" in their career have shown a degree of skill and nerve that ranks them equal to most of the League clubs, and their admirers claim for them an ability to successfully cope with the strongest League organizations.

During the past two months they have defeated organizations that have beaten the three leading aspirants for the League championship, the "Browns" among the number.

The full nines of both clubs will appear, and, as both have been absent for an extended period, the adherents of each will undoubtedly be present in full force.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 26, 1876

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