Friday, April 9, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: A Little Bit Mixed

Things are getting a little bit mixed in base ball circles. The League was organized to keep the National game free from scrubs, beats and other objectionable features, but it begins to look as if it had failed in its object, and as if the championship would depend, not on the number of the victories won in the League, but on the number of clubs that would drop out before the close of the season and default in their engagements. Week before last it was the Athletics who stepped down and out, and last week it was the Mutuals. As we understand the fearful and beautiful rules of the League, the sculduggery of these impecunious aspirants entitles them to receive the grand bounce and to have their games erased from the record; and thereby hangs a tale. with the League intact, St. Louis would have 10 games to play to Hartford's 14, St. Louis having won 42 and lost 18, while Hartford has won only 38 and lost 18. But with the two defaulting clubs left out, St. Louis would have 5 games to play to Hartford's 11; and the record would stand St. Louis won 28, lost 17; Hartford won 26, lost 13, and St. Louis might win 4 games out of 5 and yet stand below Hartford if Hartford would win 7 games out of 11. We trust that there may be no colored citizen in this woodpile, but the pile has a very suspicious look, and can hardly be regarded with pleasure or satisfaction by our St. Louis club.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 26, 1876

This subject will come up again.

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