Sunday, April 4, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Slovenly

The St. Louis Club played the eighth game of their series with the Hartfords, and defeated them in rather a slovenly played game on both sides. There were some sharp plays, notably catches by Cuthbert and York. Both pitchers were wild and kept their catchers hard at work. About 1,000 witnessed the contest. The Hartfords were first at the bat, and scored in the second inning, Burdock getting a base hit and going to second and third on wild pitches, and was thrown out at home plate by Pike, who accomplished a double play by furiously catching Ferguson on the fly. Higham got first on called balls, and scored on Mack's error, which gave Carey a life. Higham again scored on a muff of Cuthbert's which gave him two bases in the fourth, being batted home from second. He scored again in the sixth, after Battin gave him a life, by missing a hot liner, coming home on a passed ball. In the seventh, a two baser by York and a single by Mills, gave an earned run-the only one of the game. St. Louis scored in the first inning on singles by Pike and McGeary, and a wild throw to second by Higham. In the fifth Mack got his base on Ferguson's error and a wild pitch, and Pike's three-baser sent him home, Pike scoring on Clapp's out to Remsen. In the seventh, errors by Furguson and Mills gave Bradley a chance to score, Pike getting his base on an error by Remsen. Hits by Clapp and McGeary, and a muff by Cassidy of Battin's hit, gave two more runs.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 17, 1876

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