Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bradley's Gratitude

The following communication from Mr. G.W. Bradley, pitcher of the St. Louis Brown Stockings, will be read with interest:

To the Editor of the Globe-Democrat:

St. Louis, October 17, 1876.-Dear Sir: In leaving St. Louis I think it due to myself to make a few remarks in explanation of contracting in Chicago. when I did so, I had a private misunderstanding with some of the officers of the St. Louis Club, this being the prime cause of my signing in Chicago.

I desire to say that my relations in St. Louis have been of the most pleasant character, and to the hosts of warm friends I have acquired I desire to leave the most sincere expression of gratitude for the kind appreciation of my poor services. I shall always remember St. Louis with the liveliest feelings of respect, and can never readily forget the generous treatment I have received in this city, where my professional reputation has to a great extent been made.

Yours, etc., G.W. Bradley.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 18, 1876

I'm not sure I'm buying Bradley's explanation about his signing with Chicago but it's a nice letter and says something about his character.

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