Saturday, April 3, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Pulling The Brand From The Burning

The seventh game between the Hartford and St. Louis Clubs to-day resulted in a brilliant victory for the visitors, who, by a streak of heavy batting in the ninth inning, pulled the brand from the burning, and saved it. There were only about 600 people to witness the game, which was a hotly contested one throughout. The home nine scored only in two innings, earning both runs. In the first, Higham's two-baser and Ferguson's single baser earned the run, and in the fifth, singles by York, Cassidy and Remsen did the work. Harbridge was badly injured in the fourth by a foul from Cuthbert's bat, and Higham went behind the bat, and Cassidy (formerly of the New Havens) to the right field. The St. Louis first scored in the fifth inning on singles by Blong and Bradley, and an error by York on the former's hit. They added another in the eighth, when Pike took first on called balls, and, assisted by Clapp's base hit and superior base running, scored the tieing run. In the ninth, Blong, Bradley, Mack and Dehlman followed one another with safe hits, which, with Pike's two-baser and a muff by Remsen of McGeary's hit, gave four runs, three of which were earned. The St. Louis outplayed the Hartfords at every point, and fairly earned the victory. The only error they made was in the eighth inning, when Bradley gave Mills first by a low throw; but this error did not give a run.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 16, 1876

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