Monday, August 8, 2011

The Superintendent

The veteran pedestrian, William Richards, was on yesterday engaged by President Lucas to act as Superintendent of the Union Base Ball Park for one year from date. It is safe to say that no better selection could have been made. Besides having hosts of friends, Richards is energetic and capable, and his work will be a labor of love, for it is certainty that no man in the country has a stronger attachment for athletic sports nor a greater desire to promote them. His experience on the English pedestrian parks will be invaluable in directing the construction of the cinder path, work on which will shortly begin, and his knowledge of athletic training will enable him to render excellent service in conditioning the ball players for their work...The path to be constructed at the new grounds will be at least a fifth of a mile, with a straight hundred yard stretch at the finish, and will be adapted for bicycling as well as sprinting. The Thistle Foot-ball Club and very probably the Modoc Rowing Club's athletes will make Union Park their exercising grounds.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 25, 1884

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