Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Buffalo Base Ball Club

The St. Louis Buffalos (colored) have reorganized for the season of 1884, with the following players: A. Lewis, c.; P. Harris and C. Thompson, p.; W. Wallace, 1 b.; A. Hall, 2 b.; E. Thompson, 3 b.; J. Alexander, s.s.; D. Brown, r.f.; A. Bailey, c.f.; W. Hudson, Jr., l.f.; C. Churcill, substitute. Address challenges to E. Thompson, 1421 Orange street.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 30, 1884

The Buffalos are a black club that I had never heard of before, so it was nice to find this. And it fits the general pattern of more coverage of the black clubs in the St. Louis papers during periods of increased baseball popularity in the city. With both the Browns and the Maroons creating excitement among St. Louis baseball fans, I'm hoping to see more coverage of the black clubs as I get into the 1884 season.

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