Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poor Graffen

The following telegraph dispatch was received Thursday about noon:

Silver City, New Mexico, Nov. 8.
To Col. H.B. Blood:

Poor Graffen died at seven this morning of pneumonia. Will forward his remains to Keokuk to-day.
[Signed,] Jno. W. Smith.

Poor Graffen-Those who knew him can read between the lines of that message a story of brief but intense suffering and also a positive assurance that though far away from home and friends and all those he held most dear, he was not alone or uncared for. The first notice of his illness was received Wednesday about noon. Later a second message came saying that he was a little better. Then followed the sad announcement as above. No other particulars have been received except that the remains had been forwarded by express and would probably reach Keokuk Monday morning. With this expectation arrangements had been made for the funeral this afternoon, but for some reason the remains did not arrive, and the painful suspense is prolonged at least another day.

The Funeral.

It is confidently believed that the body will arrive either this evening or to-morrow morning, and the funeral services, unless there is further delay, will be held at the residence Col. H.B. Blood, brother-in-law of the deceased, corner of fifth and Franklin streets, Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

The pall bearers have been selected from the Boat Club, who kindly desired to pay this last tribute of respect to the memory of their first leader. Both Mr. and Mrs. Graffen are members of St. John's Episcopal church, but owing to the absence of Rev. R.C. McIlwain, the rector, the Rev. Dr. T.H. Cleland, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian church will officiate.

The Boat Club Resolutions.

The meeting of the Keokuk Rowing Club held last Saturday evening at their club rooms in the U.S. court rooms to pass resolutions of respect to his memory, was one of the largest attended meetings ever held by the club. The building has been draped in mourning ever since the sad news of his death reached the city.
-Keokuk Daily Gate City, November 12, 1883

Again, I have to thank Steve Smith for passing along this information about the death of Mase Graffen. It was great work on his part to find all of this.

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