Monday, August 15, 2011

Not This Again

The Richmond, Va., Club deny that Ted Sullivan has been released from his promise to manage the team. He has signed with the St. Louis Unions and all his protestations of square dealing are denied by his act.
-Cleveland Herald, March 31, 1884

Yep, this again. The first mention in the newspapers that I've seen regarding Sullivan and the Richmond situation was on October 29, 1883. That was five full months before this mention in the Herald. I thought even the Herald had given up on this story but I was wrong and while their attacks on the UA had decreased in March, they still hadn't fully given up their "wreckers" editorial stance. But that's what I love about the Herald. Their stanch anti-UA editorial policy is a wonderful contrast to the Globe's pro-UA policy. As we get into the 1884 season itself, I'm going to miss the back and forth between the two papers.

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