Sunday, August 7, 2011

It Will Be Very Popular

Fully 10,000 persons visited the new Lucas Park yesterday. There was an almost continuous stream of people passing in and out of the grounds from 9 o'clock in the morning until dark. Among the visitors were many of the oldest and most enthusiastic patrons of the national game to be found in the city. All agreed that the grounds were not only capacious, but beautiful, and that the appearance of the place indicated the the Union Association had "come to stay." Col John Scott's most ecstatic smile radiated throughout the Club House and beamed graciously on its patrons...

If the fine weather of yesterday continues, the Lucas Park grounds will soon be in perfect shape for an early opening. The diamond is finely sodded and work on the outfield will be rapidly pushed.

An unusually fine view of the whole enclosure in the Lucas Park can be gained from the reporters' stand at the upper pavilion of the grand stand. It will be very popular as a favorite spot during the season.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 24, 1884


David Ball said...

Was the Globe-Democrat giving the Union club and the Browns evenhanded coverage?

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I think that they were. Their coverage of the Browns was at least equal to their coverage of the Maroons in column inches and there may even have been more Browns than Maroons. And it was generally positive stuff. While the Globe was without a doubt editorially supporting the UA, it wasn't fair to call them a Maroons' house organ because they were pretty much in the bag for all the StL clubs. They were pro-StL baseball in general.