Monday, August 22, 2011

I Know I Will Be Blacklisted

Most of the Union Association players who have deserted from the League and American are demanding three years' contracts with ample security from the Union managers. This very clearly indicates that the players have no faith in the Union, and propose to make themselves secure for the next three years at least, trusting that in the meantime something will turn up to give them relief.

"I know I will be blacklisted," said one of the deserters the other day, "but what do I care for that. I am fixed for three years on a big salary. It is just this: If the Union Association goes through and is a success I am all right; if it fails, why I have three years to work a reinstatement in the League or American, and in that time I have no doubt but that all bitterness will have died out and the deserters, as we are now called, will be welcomed back with outstretched arms to the association that now put us on the black list." That looks well enough for the players but it strikes us as rather rough on the clubs that will have to accede to their demands.-[Philadelphia Item.]
-Cleveland Herald, April 2, 1884

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