Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kansas City Is A Good Baseball Town

President Nimmick and Manager Phillips, of the Pittsburg club, Chris Von der Ahe, of St. Louis, and E.E. Menges, President of the Western League, held a long secret conference [in Kansas City] this morning. What subjects were discussed is unknown, but a rumor is in circulation to the effect that the Pittsburg club may be transferred to Kansas City. It is a well-known fact that Von der Ahe has been looking for an opportunity to get an interest in a good club in Kansas City for several years, as he considers it a good base-ball town. All of the gentlemen who took part in the conference refuse to disclose the matters discussed. It is thought that the union of the Western and Northwestern Leagues, which is to be consummated before the beginning of next season, was one of the subjects which was talked about.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 20, 1887

I would imagine that this meeting laid the foundation for the establishment of the St. Louis Whites.

And the title of this post was meant non-ironically. Kansas City is a good baseball town. They just have a bad baseball team.

Also, it's Election Day. Get out and vote a few times. If the FEC is monitoring this blog (and why wouldn't they be), that bit about voting a few times was a joke.

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