Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 1887 World Series: An Excellent Advantage

Though the arrangements for the world's championship series between St. Louis and Detroit have not yet been fully completed, the recent conference between Presidents Von der Ahe and Stearns resulted in placing the final selection of cities with the former. This, at least, is the announcement made in Detroit dispatches, and if President Von der Ahe has full control of the matter he will certainly see that St. Louis does not get left. If the games open in St. Louis it will be an excellent advantage for the local public, inasmuch as they will thus be privileged to see the first meeting of Detroit and St. Louis that will have ever taken place. It is an honor justly due President Von der Ahe also, whose champions have achieved the greatest distinction of any team ever organized. It will likewise test the claims of League organs of Detroit's alleged superiority over St. Louis on Association grounds, and before crowds of enthusiasts, whose sympathies are patriotically bestowed upon the success of home talent. Last year the champions opened up the world's series at Chicago. This year the series should, as they certainly will, commence at home. The first game is announced to take place on October 10. Local patrons ask why not start in on Sunday, October 9. Sportsman's Park would be filled overflowing on that day. This arrangement could be easily made by closing the American Association season in Cleveland with St. Louis on Saturday, October 8, playing two games that day instead of one. Then let President Von der Ahe arrange a second game to take place in St. Louis on Monday, October 10. This will afford general satisfaction, and will no doubt be a splendid stroke for the public and St. Louis club.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 24, 1887

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