Monday, November 1, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Getting In Shape

President Von der Ahe will meet President Stearns, of Detroit, at Cincinnati next Wednesday and arrange details for the world's championship series.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 19, 1887

From the same issue:

Dunlap is trying hard to get in good shape to play against the Browns.

Which begs the question: What kind of shape was Dunlap in before he decided to get in good shape?


Dvid Ball said...

You'll notice Dunlap had only played about 65 games in 1887. Around early August Dunlap he suffered a severe leg fracture, the first of several bad injuries that played the largest part in bringing his career to an early and inglorious end.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I was thinking it was the next season when he got hurt but, of course, you're right.