Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 1887 World Series: The Challenge Received

President Von der Ahe has received the challenge of the Detroit Club for a series of fifteen games, to take place immediately upon the close of the Association championship season, which closes October 10. As the champions' President has full control of the ultimate arrangement of the series, which will probably consist of fifteen games, he will have the first one played in St. Louis, and either the second or the last one will also be played in this city, thus insuring two games at least. The challenge sent by President Stearns, of Detroit, contains the following suggestions:

1. That the number of games played be not less than fifteen, and that not more than one game be played in any city, with the possible exception of such cities as where both League and Association clubs exist.

2. That a purse be made up between us, so that each player of the winning team shall receive $100.

3. That 75 per cent of the net proceeds of the series go to the club winning the majority of the games played.

4. That an appropriate championship banner be played for, the cost of which shall not exceed $200.

5. That two umpires be chosen, one each from the League and Association, and that they serve alternately. Would also be pleased to test, in a game or two, the plan of having two umpires, one stationed behind the bat for passing judgment on balls and strikes, the other near second base for deciding all put-outs made on the bases and in the field.

Any suggestion or objections that you may have to offer will be gladly received.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 25, 1887

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