Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glasscock Unhappy In Indianapolis

In an interview to-day Glasscock said:

"It might as well be understood right now that I am not satisfied to play ball in Indianapolis, never was and never will be. I won't play here again next year no matter what may happen. I will quit the business first. I never have been treated right here and have been a mark for almost everybody. I have been given errors when I wouldn't have gotten them in any other place in the country, and in spite of the fact that I have played the best ball I ever played, my record was away down."

"What do you care for a record?" was asked. "You never have played for one, and don't need it."

"I only want what I'm entitled to, that's all," said Glasscock. "Another thing-there are men in this club I don't speak to and never will. I am dissatisfied here, and it would be better all around for them to trade me off. I know they can get Pfeffer for me. Anson and I talked it over the other day and I think they can get Sam Thompson for me, and they had better take one of them. Either of them is a more valuable man to this club than I am and would get along better. A lot of papers lately have quoted me as saying that I was satisfied here. It is not so. I never wrote such a statement of Joe Pritchard, of St. Louis."
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 7, 1887

Glasscock was back in Indianapolis in 1888 and 1889. However, based on the letter we have from him, it doesn't appear that he was ever happy there. This interview sheds some light on some of the specifics but, in the letter, it appears that the root cause of the problem was that Glasscock never wanted to go to Indianapolis. He was happy in St. Louis and, after the Maroons shuffled off the mortal coil, there was a deal for him to go to Boston but the League stepped in and he was forced to play in Indianapolis.

And, for the record, Glasscock was credited with 73 errors in 1887, the highest season total in his career. He was also third among shortstops in fielding percentage.

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