Friday, November 5, 2010

The 1887 World Series: The Greed Of The Detroit Players

Chris Von der Ahe, the hustling manager of the St. Louis Browns, arrived [in Detroit] this noon to confer with President Stearns about the series of games to be played between the Detroits and Browns for the world's championship, provided, of course, the League pennant doesn't slip by the confident Detroits. This might happen if the postponed Chicago-Boston game should be played and won by Boston and the Detroits should slip up on winning the games yet to be played with Indianapolis, and lose others through bad weather or other cause. This, however, is a remote possibility, and the two clubs have gone ahead with their arrangements to play for the world's championship, when the greed of the Detroit players loomed up as an obstacle which had to be overcome. Mr. Von der Ahe was told to-day that his journey hither was futile unless the difficulty with the players could be adjusted, so he stood about and whistled and looked disgusted. When President Stearns and the big four and others of the team went into secret session before the game this afternoon, the players stood firm for their figures at first, but finally they agreed to play the Browns for a slight advance on the sum offered by the board, the exact amount not being made public. A conference followed with Von der Ahe, and fifteen games arranged for, one to be played in each League and American Association city except one. The first game will be played in St. Louis October 10.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 23, 1887

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