Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 1887 World Series: Caught On The Fly Style

Fred Dunlap, of the old Maroons, is giving out tips on the pitching points of Foutz and Caruthers to the Detroit nine. The sluggers (in their mind) have the matter of knocking out the Browns' twirlers all mapped out.

It will be a rare sight to see the greatest hitters in the country, Tip O'Neill and Dan Brouthers, pitted against one another. Tip leads all players in hitting this season, his average being at high-water mark-above .490...

President Stearns, of Detroit, telegraphed yesterday that if Dave Foutz pitched in Detroit, the city of Bay City, Mich. [where Foutz had played in 1883], would suspend business on that day and the people would attend the game en masse. Dave is worshiped in Bay City, and Foutz street is one of the prettiest there.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 8, 1887

There's some interesting stuff here:

-I can't really see Dunlap sitting around giving pointers to his teammates. It doesn't fit what we know about his personality.

-O'Neill's batting average for 1887 was .435 but his OBP was .490.

-Was Foutz street in Bay City, Michigan named after Dave Foutz?

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