Thursday, March 4, 2010

Facebook Friends With Benefits (And Spring Training Baseball)

I don't do Facebook. It's not my thing. I like Twitter and have fooled around with it a bit. I think the best thing about Twitter is that it's the best place to get real-time, unfiltered information about breaking news. If something's going down, the first thing I usually check is my Twitter feeds. Now, having said that...

My friends at the Missouri Civil War Museum have a Facebook page (if that's the right term for it). They're in the process of putting up some great photos, including a picture of a baseball club from 1910 taken in front of the building that will house the museum. It's cool stuff. If you do the Facebook thing, add them as your little Facebook friend or spend some of your hard-earned cash and become a member of MCWM. They're still in the process of rehabbing their building and getting the museum up and running so they need your help.

Also, we have real, live baseball today. I have Cards vs. Mets on the tv and Braves vs. Pirates on the computer. I missed it. I'm glad it's back. It's sunny and fifty degrees outside and it's baseball season. I'm feeling pretty happy about my life right now.

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