Friday, March 26, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Crushing The Athletics

The St. Louis Browns, for the seventh consecutive time, easily defeated the Athletics in a game played [in Philadelphia] this afternoon. The rain that fell in the morning affected materially the attendance, about 300 only being present. The Athletics were without Meyerle's services, he still being unable to play. The St. Louis won easily thanks to their heavy batting, Cuthbert and Pike taking the lead in this respect, the former making three two-base hits. Clapp also hit for a three-baser, while Blong and Bradley each made a two-base hit. Knight was terribly punished, eighteen clean hits being made off his swift facers, while but five were made off Coons, who pitched the last four innings. Errors by McGeary, Mack and Bradley, two, together with safe hits by Force, two, Fisler and Fouser, included five unearned runs to the Athletics.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 9, 1876

The twenty runs the Brown Stockings scored represent the most they scored in a game in 1876 (tied with the twenty they hung on Boston on June 14). Their margin of victory was the largest of the year.

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