Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: An Extra-Inning Affair

A greatly diminished audience witnessed the game between the St. Louis and Mutual clubs to-day. Play was called at 4 o'clock, the Browns again going to bat first. In the first three innings neither side was able to score, so well were Matthews and Bradley handling the leather. The visitors were retired in one, two, three order. While for the home club Holdsworth reached first on called balls in the first inning. Booth earned first in the second, and Craver by a fair foul and a passed ball reached first and second. Mutual blanks were exchanged in the fourth. In the fifth inning the Browns scored a run on Nichols' fumble of Blong's hard hit and Bradley's three-baser to right field. Matthews, Nichols, Holdsworth, Start, Mallinan and Craver then batted in elegant style for three runs. The Browns added one to their totals in the sixth, Dehlman, after reaching first on called balls, being sent home on safe hits of Pike and McGeary. In the eighth inning, after two hands were out, the Browns tied the score, Clapp making the lucky run on his own and McGeary's safe hits. The excitement grew intense in the ninth inning, when, after the Browns had retired for a cypher, Holdsworth hit to right field for three bases, after one hand was out. Start drove a liner to Cuthbert, who not only made a good catch, but threw home in time to make a double play and save the game. In the tenth inning the Browns scored what proved to be the winning run by the safe batting of Pike, Clapp and McGeary, the Mutes being blanked.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 7, 1875

Heck of a play by Cuthbert in the ninth to send the game to extra innings.

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