Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Easily Defeating The Athletics

The St. Louis Browns again easily defeated the Athletics, although the latter were strengthened by an excellent new catcher, Muller, a left-hander, of [Philadelphia.] Pike led off with a base hit for the St. Louis, and secured a run by wild pitching. This was the only base hit scored by the St. Louis up to the sixth inning, they making two each in the next three innings, and punishing Knight for eight clear hits in the ninth inning, in which five runs were earned out of the seven they made. Force made the first base hit for the Athletics in the seventh inning, and they earned a run in the following inning by the good batting of King, Eggler and Fouser. In the ninth inning the Athletics made another run by safe hits of Hall and Fisher, and Blong's wild throw to third to head the former off. Bradley's pitching, fielding and batting were the chief features of this one-sided contest.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 10, 1876


Mike S said...

Looking at the lineup and noticing the pitcher batting 7th - my first thought was that Tony LaRussa was managing back then? LOL.

Jeffrey Kittel said...

If TLR had a pitcher who could hit as well as Bradley then he probably would hit him seventh. If he had pitchers like Bob Caruthers or Dave Foutz, he'd hit them second.