Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The 1876 Brown Stockings: Back In The USA

A very pretty game was played before a very fashionable audience here to-day, the St. Louis Brown Stockings and the Ithaca Club being the contestants. It resulted in favor of the former, by a score of 9-3. The fielding and batting of both nines were about equal, the errors of the home club being made at the most critical stages...

The Browns play the Stars, of Syracuse, tomorrow, and Rochesters on Friday.

-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, August 31, 1876


David Ball said...

Do you have lineups for these exhibition games? Were the Browns playing their regulars?

Jeffrey Kittel said...

No lineups, no boxscores. The Globe didn't have much coverage of these exhibition games other than a brief blurb and the inning by inning score.