Monday, October 20, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Uniforms

The uniform of the St. Louis (Brown Stocking) nine consists of brown stockings, white flannel breeches, white knit tight-fitting shirts with short sleeves and a monogram St. L., in brown, on the bosom, white box-shape flannel cap, and white belt with Grecian stripes of brown in it. The uniform is very neat, and looks real pretty.
-Chicago Tribune, March 7, 1875

The St. Louis Reds will wear red stockings, gray pants, shirts and pants trimmed with red, a small "red stocking" and the words "St. Louis" will be worked on the shirts.
-Chicago Tribune, April 4, 1875

Seriously, did the writer for the Trib just call the Brown Stockings' uniforms "pretty"?


Mike S said...

Well Mister Blackwell did just pass away. Maybe we found out what he did before he became famous? (lol)

Cliff Blau said...

By "a small 'red stocking'", do you suppose they mean an emblem, rather than the words? That would be unusual at the time, wouldn't it?

Jeffrey Kittel said...

I assumed it was words rather than an emblem. As you mention, an emblem would be rather unusual for the era. The team name on the uniform, I think, is a bit unusual in and of itself.