Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arthur Pue Gorman Has Invaded My Subconscious

Seriously, I'm a dork.

I woke up yesterday with the name Arthur Pue Gorman stuck in my head. I don't know if I was dreaming or in that half sleep/half awake state when the name popped into my mind. And the thing is I didn't really know who the heck Gorman was. The name was familiar and I was thinking maybe he was a member of the Empire or Union Club. But I knew the name was related to 19th century baseball.

So after a cup of coffee and a cigarette (the breakfast of champions), I googled "Arthur Pue Gorman" and come to find out he was Stephen Douglas' private secretary, a baseball player, an officer with the Nationals of Washington, and, later, a member of the Mills Commission. His was a rather fascinating life and Brian McKenna has written a very nice piece on him for SABR's BioProject.

Why Arthur Pue Gorman was kicking around my subconscious mind is beyond me. The mind is a strange thing.

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