Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Help Wanted Ad

The above ad ran in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat on July 24, 1881.


Anonymous said...

This is a nice little find, Jeff? Do you have a searchable digitized source, or did you actually have to comb through the microfilms?

Jeff Kittel said...

There are several digital databases that I use and I found the Von der Ahe ad while searching Proquest. We're lucky these days with all the information that's available online. It makes this kind of research much, much easier. Periodically, I do have to get myself to a library and search the microfilm but not that often.

I had the day off work today and almost went to the StL Library downtown looking for a copy of a 1915 history of the StL fire department but I found the book's index online and that's been rather useful.