Friday, October 3, 2008

Base Ballers At Bonnet's

Last evening an elegant...little affair came off at Bonnet's private supper-rooms on Fourth street, at which about twenty-five well-known young gentlemen of this city were present. The banquet, as it might with propriety be termed, was given to Mr. Charles A. Fowle, Secretary of the St. Louis Base Ball Club, by his friends appreciative of the enterprise and efficiency exhibited by him in his efforts to organize the Professional Base Ball League. among those present were William Steigers, E.B. Johnson,...Joseph P. Carr, C. Chase, Charles A. Bragg, Frank A. George, J.B.C. Lucas, James Fowle, Wm. Medart, Louis M. Walton, F.C. Swift, C.O. Bishop, and others. Among the ball-tossers present were John E. Clapp, who arrived at the Southern yesterday morning, Miller, Pike, Bradley, and McGeary.

The bill of fare was an elaborate one, and was inscribed to "our guest, Charles A. Fowle, St. Louis, February 24, 1876." The menu embraced delicacies of every description, and choice and rare viands, which were washed down with wines of rare vintage. After the splendid collation had been partaken of, jest and song were indulged in until a late hour.
-St. Louis Globe-Democrat, February 25, 1876

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