Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My 500th Post (With A Special Guest Appearance By Dusty Springfield!)

So...I guess this is my 500th post here at TGOG and, while I personally tend to shrug that kind of thing off, it is a milestone which needs to be recognized. And you all know how I'll use any excuse to post off-topic video.

It's my personal opinion that the greatest singer who ever lived is Aretha Franklin. I've always said that if God had a singing voice, He'd sound like Aretha. However, I think a very close second is Dusty Springfield. While her voice isn't quit as full as Aretha's, it does have a subtleness to it that I think Aretha lacks. Her voice is just this incredible instrument with an extraordinary range. She can do old school R & B, pop, ballads-Dusty could sing anything. Plus she had that blond beehive thing going on.

So to celebrate my 500th post, here's some of my favorite Dusty Springfield songs:

Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa

If You Go Away

Don't Let Me Lose This Dream

I Can't Make It Alone

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Nowhere To Run


Huntley said...

Great change-up post, Jeff. Kudo on the unclusion of "Twenty-Four Hours From tulsa," which is my favorite.

And now we know where the Dallas Cowoys cheerleader got their "look."

Jeff Kittel said...

Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa is easily my favorite Dusty Springfield song. The girl could flat sing. I think the best example of her greatness is Marie McKee's cover of I Can't Make It Alone. Marie McKee is as fine a singer as there is-probably the best female singer of her generation-but her version, while good, just can't compare to Dusty's.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]

Anonymous said...

nice stuff here, very very nice