Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lew Whistler

Lew Whistler was an infielder who played four seasons in the National League and who ended his major league career by playing in ten games with the Browns in 1890. Described by The Sporting News as a "sober and reliable player," Whistler was born in St. Louis in 1868 and went on to manage several minor league clubs from 1895-1905. Whistler died in St. Louis in 1959 and is buried in St. Peters Cemetery in Normandy, Missouri. The photo below of Whistler's grave was taken by Connie Nisinger.


Mike S the nitpicker said...

I am assuming he died in 1959 or else the poor man died before he was born.

Jeff Kittel said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Mike. One of my many flaws is that I'm not a particularly good proofreader.