Monday, August 18, 2008

A Deathbed Meeting

Charles A. Comiskey, owner of the Chicago White Sox, on the night of Monday, February 17, gladdened the heart of his old employer, Chris Von der Ahe, who has a secure niche in base ball history as President of the famous St. Louis Browns, four-time pennant winners in the old American Association. Comiskey came from Chicago to visit Von der Ahe. He was met by Chas. C. Spink, who tried to inveigle him to a banquet. "I came down to see Chris Von der Ahe," said Commy, "take me to him." Spink whisked Comiskey to Von der Ahe's home. "That's the same house in which Chris lived when he first signed me to play ball at $75 in 1882," said Comiskey, as the car drew up in front of a stone house Chris built in his palmy days. "This is the proudest moment of my life," said Von der Ahe, who physicians say is stricken with an incurable malady. "It certainly makes me feel good to think that you came here just to spend three hours with your old boss." "How are you fixed," asked Comiskey. "I've got a lot and a nice monument already built for me in Bellfontaine cemetery," replied Chris as the tears began to fall. Comiskey brushed away a tear too, and into the hands of his old "boss" the magnate slipped a check. Von der Ahe wept like a child and a physician signified that the visit must end.
-Sporting Life, March 1, 1913

Chris Von der Ahe died less than four months later.

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