Monday, August 17, 2009

Refreshments Will Be Provided

The married and unmarried members of the Empire Club will play a match at Gamble's Addition next Wednesday afternoon (April 20) at two o'clock. It will be a interesting affair, if the weather proves favorable, and the friends of the club are invited to witness the sport. Refreshments will be provided.
-Missouri Democrat, April 18, 1864

In the game of base ball on Wednesday last between the married and single men of the Empire Club, the bachelors carried off the palm. This is seconded for by the fact that a number of handsome young ladies were present to witness the sport, and the young fellows "put in their best licks," more for the purpose of pleasing the girls than to best their opponents. The married men, having traveled that road before, and being indifferent to the smiles of the charmers, did not exert themselves as much as they would have done had they been in the matrimonial market.
-Missouri Democrat, April 22, 1864

One assumes that this is the Empire Club's fourth anniversary game.

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