Monday, August 31, 2009

Further Proof Of Dunlap's Good Business Sense

During the week some new points relative to the Brotherhood's proposed league came to light here....The brotherhood has appointed a committee of four players for each city. These players have the right to dispose of the stock of their respective clubs...They can subscribe the entire amount themselves if they so desire, but in any event they are to hold a controlling interest. The players appointed by the Brotherhood to have charge of the different clubs in each city are as follows:

Philadelphia: Fred Dunlap, of Pittsburg; Hardie Richardson, of Boston; James Fogarty and George Wood.
-Sporting Life, October 10, 1889

Considering that Dunlap withdrew his support for the PL and remained with the Pittsburg League club in 1890 (until his release), this is rather interesting. Not only had Dunlap agreed to join the PL, he was taking a leadership position within the organization.

As I was typing up the quote from Sporting Life all I could think was that if Dunlap, who was a good businessman, believed the PL was going to be a successful enterprise, he would have jumped on the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. That Dunlap decided not to do so should have been an indication that the PL was doomed to fail.

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