Monday, August 10, 2009

Another 1865 Match Game

A match game of base ball was played on Thursday afternoon, between the first nine of the Olympic Junior and Cyclone (late Atlantic) base ball clubs. Only seven innings were made, on account of the lateness of the hour.
-St. Louis Daily Press, June 11, 1865

The score of the match was Cyclones 29 and Olympic Jr. 11. Playing for the Cyclones was Nelson, c; Thornburg, lf; Hoyt, 3b; Enders, cf; Fine, ss; Carroll, lf; Teasdale, 2b; Anderson, p; and Riley, 1b. Playing for the Olympic Jr. was McCreery, ss; Greely, 2; Chapman, 1b; Lackland, 3b; Peck, p; Filley, c; Lackland, lf; Courrier, rf; and Maxwell, cf.

Obviously, this is not the antebellum Cyclone Club reformed. Tobias mentions that the Atlantic Club was active in 1865 and states that they were one of the clubs who met the Empire Club on their return from Freeport. My initial reaction to the reference to "late Atlantic" was that the Cyclones had previously been known as the Atlantics but had changed their name. However, as you'll see tomorrow, the Cyclones and Atlantics were two different clubs.

Another interesting thing here is a couple of players for the Olympic Jr. Club. McCreery is possibly Wayman McCreery and one of the Lacklands is likely Rufus Lackland. Both were teenagers in 1865 and would go on to play for the Union Club, who do not appear to have been active in the early part of the 1865 baseball season.

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