Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Cyclones Play The Atlantics

A lively game of base ball was played on Thursday, June 15, between the first nine of the "Cyclone" and "Atlantic" base ball clubs, which resulted in the complete victory of the former (by a score of 39-8).
-St. Louis Daily Press, June 17, 1865

Playing for the Cyclones: B. Nelson, 3b; F. Hoyt, ss; W. Teasdale, rf; M. Anderson, 1b; B. Fine, cf; G. Stroup, c; H. Carroll, lf; F. Ellis, p; and D. Bland, 2b.

Playing for the Atlantics: C. Miller, lf; Hafkemeyer, p; H. Diel, cf; W. Peterson, 3b; C. Terry, 1; R. Terry, ss; A. Kraw, c; H. Lahrman, rf; and J. Peterson, 2b.

Obviously, we're dealing with two different clubs here. While the reference in yesterday's post made it appear that the Cyclones were the Atlanic Club by another name, I think it's possible that the members of the Atlantics may have broken off from the club and formed the Cyclones. If that's true then this victory must have been rather sweet.

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