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More On The Freeport Match

The game of base ball played at Freeport, on the 4th of July (1865), by the Empire Club of St. Louis and the Empire, of Freeport, was a closely contested and splendid game, and resulted in the victory of the St. Louis Club, by seven runs. We shall publish the score and particulars to-morrow.
-St. Louis Daily Press, July 6, 1865

The members of the Empire Base Ball Club, arrived from Freeport yesterday morning at four o'clock, greatly pleased with their excursion. The boys speak in unmeasured terms of praise of the generous hospitality extended to them by the citizens of Freeport, and by members of the Freeport Club. They were treated to the best that the town afforded.

The match game, which was witnessed by six thousand people, and in which the St. Louis Club came out champions, was one of the most spirited ever played in the West. There were present representatives from the Julien Club, Dubuque; Garden City Club, Chicago; Eagle Club, Laporte, Ind.; and the Rockford Club. After a splendid dinner, speeches were made by Col. T.J. Turner, of Freeport; J.R. Scroggs, editor of the Freeport Bulletin; R. Little, and by Capt. J. Fruin, of the St. Louis Empire Club.

The St. Louis boys were also invited to partake of the hospitalities at the fine residence of Col. J.W. Shaeffer, late Chief of Gen. Butler's staff, but owing to the lateness of the hour, the invitation was declined. The St. Louis boys desire an opportunity to reciprocate the attentions received from the Freeport people at the earliest opportunity.
-St. Louis Daily Press, July 7, 1865

The score of the match, which according to Tobias was the first fly ball match played west of the Alleghenies, was 27-20. Playing for the Empires was J.R. Barrett, c; A. Worth, 1b; J. Quinn, p; C.C. Norton, 3b; E.H. Tobias, ss; J. Fitzgerald, cf; J.M. Johnston, lf; J. Fruin, 2b; and Robert Duncan, rf. Playing for Freeport was R. Buckman, 1b; E. Cavanagh, ss; W. Lighthart, 3b; G. Butler, rf; J. Deifendorf, cf; H. Farwell, 2b; H.G. Tweed, p; L.F. Brewster, lf; and Wm. B. Thomas, c.

Looking at the box score, Jeremiah Fruin, who scored five runs while only making one out, had to have been the player of the match. Adam Worth seems to have had a touch game, making five outs while only scoring two runs. L.F. Brewster, for Freeport, also had a good game, scoring three runs and making only one out.

Interestingly, the box score of the game that Tobias published in TSN on November 9, 1895 is perfectly in order with the contemporary box score published by the Daily Press. I don't know if Tobias used the Daily Press or the records of the Empire Club as his source but this certainly speaks well of his reliability as a source.

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